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Manufacturer of switch cabinets with over 50 years of experience.

Anton Lippert GmbH was founded in 1962. We produced the first sheet metal control cabinet as early as 1970. We manufacture over 50,000 switching cabinets per year.

Thanks to our many years of experience as a switch cabinet manufacturer, we can competently fulfil your specifications: Standard enclosures in a wide range of sizes, e.g. wall-mounted enclosure, baying cabinets, terminal boxes, consoles, 19″ enclosure, control cabinet systems, customised switch cabinets and sheet metal enclosures. Besides the standard electronic cabinets we have always built customised switch cabinet enclosures. This gives you the advantage that you no longer have to deal with repainting, punching holes or mechanical installations and attachments. You receive a switching cabinet that is optimised to meet your requirements in the best possible way. This allows you to concentrate entirely on your core competence.

Our aim is to find the ideal solution for you with our expertise in design, sheet metal processing, laser cutting and powder coating. Depending on the quantities of the switch boxes and your other requirements, we select the most suitable from various manufacturing processes. In this way, we realise your exact specifications when manufacturing the electrical switch cabinets and sheet metal enclosures. We have over 60 motivated and experienced employees and a production area of 7,500 square metres. Thanks to our own efficient production, we can supply you with switch cabinets "made in Germany". A quality management system is the basis of our quality assurance. With outstanding quality and reliability, we offer you competitive advantages.

Our strengths:

Our aim is to meet the wishes and expectations of our customers through
performance and quality in the best possible way.
Because your requirements are our motivation!

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