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What are switch cabinets?

Switch cabinets include control systems and/or distribution systems. These are mostly electrical, but pneumatic or hydraulic controls or combinations of these are also possible. Switch cabinets facilitate the construction of the control or distribution.

On the one hand, the mostly cuboid shape results in significantly more mounting surfaces (rear wall, side walls, floor, roof and front) for the individual components. On the other hand, extensive system accessories are available, e.g. system rails and mounting plates, which provide additional mounting levels. Mounting plates and system rails allow partial assembly of the control system outside the enclosure. Furthermore, switching cabinets allow a climate inside that is independent of the external ambient conditions. On the one hand, this refers to protection against rain and humidity. On the other hand, the temperature and humidity can be regulated by air-conditioning units and heaters. Heat dissipation from the electrical components in the switch boxes is possible by means of filter fans. The switch cabinets are fitted with doors or lids for the installation of the components and for later maintenance. On the larger control boxes, flange plates are common, through which the cables are inserted. Operating elements and/or display units are often located on the front. These include, for example, buttons, switches, rotary knobs, analogue or digital displays and (touch) monitors.

Switch cabinets protect the contained controls and distributions like a second skin from outside interference. For this purpose, control boxes must have a certain degree of tightness. This tightness can be assessed according to the IP standard. The classification of enclosures is regulated in DIN EN 60529 or IEC 529. Codes describe the degree of protection of enclosures of electrical equipment against the ingress of solid objects and water as well as the protection of the operator against touching dangerous parts. IP codes are to be indicated in the scheme "IPxx". IP stands for International Protection. In place of the two x's there are two code numbers. The first digit expresses both the protection against the ingress of solid bodies and the protection of the operator. The second digit indicates the degree of protection against the ingress of water into the switching cabinets.

Regulations and standards:
Lippert switch cabinets are designed on the basis of current standards. They are characterised by safety and ease of use.

Protective conductor connection:
The enclosure bodies and all unscrewable enclosure parts have a connection option for the protective conductor connection.


Lippert manufactures enclosures in standard design as well as individually according to customer requirements. The switch cabinets are made of sturdy powder-coated sheet metal, either steel, aluminium or stainless steel. As standard, we manufacture from sheet steel in various sizes:

  • Wall-mounted enclosures or compact enclosures
  • terminal boxes
  • Modular cabinets
  • Console housing
  • 19 inch housing

With the special electrical enclosures we fulfil your individual wishes! We realise sizes, functions, colours, shapes and equipment as specified by you. Switching cabinets with viewing windows, with holes, cut-outs and ventilation gills, with bulkhead shelves, in special colours and much more: We have more than 50 years of experience in the flexible production of special enclosures. Put us to the test, we'll do our best for you!

In addition, we also supply and install extensive accessories such as climate control components, system rails, handles, swing frames, etc.

Lippert, your competent manufacturer of switch cabinets according to your wishes. Contact us for more information!

Anton Lippert GmbH in Dillingen offers you a very wide range of electrical cabinets and electric cabinet production.

This includes, among other things, the production of customised enclosures:

  • CNC punching/nibbling, with the production of gills, beading, pull-throughs, thread forming and engraving.
  • CNC laser cutting
  • Drilling
  • Stud welding, screws, glue and rivets
  • Spot welding with point pliers and Spot welding machines
  • various Gas-shielded welding process, automated for electric cabinet production
  • Sealing foams
  • Powder coating
  • Assembly or Assembly

Quality assurance is supported by a quality management system.

For more information send us an E-mail, a Request or simply give us a call. Phone: +49(0)9071-7939-0.

Your electric cabinet manufacturer Anton Lippert GmbH: Whether wall-mounted enclosure, compact enclosure, floor-standing enclosure, baying enclosure, terminal box, console or 19″ enclosure, all enclosures with a good price/performance ratio. Great flexibility with special enclosures. Manufacture of special enclosures exactly to your requirements. With over 50 years of experience. With personal and expert advice.

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