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What is an electrical cabinet?

An electrical cabinet is an enclosure that protects electrical distributions and controls of any kind from external influences. External influences can be solid parts such as chips and dust, liquids such as water and oil, or mechanical damage. The aforementioned influences are classified in the protection class of the control cabinet. Furthermore, external influences in the form of temperature (too warm or too cold for the control unit), safety aspects such as prevention of injuries due to contact with live components in the electronic cabinet and protection against manipulation of the control unit are also considered. Protection against theft of high-value control components and protection against emissions and immissions of electromagnetic radiation can also be requirements for an electric cabinet.

It is important that the electrical cabinet protects the interior from overheating. Excessive heat is detrimental to the long-term functioning of the components and control system in the electric cabinet. On the one hand, many electrical components give off heat themselves. On the other hand, increased temperature from the environment or solar radiation can also lead to overheating or insufficient heat dissipation. This protection is achieved primarily through measures for heat dissipation.
In the simplest case, the heat-emitting electrical components are mounted directly on the enclosure wall. In the case of a sheet metal electric cabinet, for example, heat is dissipated via the cabinet housing. Excess temperatures from inside the electric cabinets can be dissipated to a limited extent through ventilation slots or gills. As a next step, increased temperatures can be reduced with filter fans. Here, ambient air is drawn in mechanically by means of a fan. In order to prevent contamination of the interior of the electrical cabinet as well as the installed components, the intake air is cleaned by a filter. The moving air cools the warmer built-in components as it passes by and leaves the switch cabinet through the outlet grille. However, all of the above cooling methods only work if the ambient temperature is lower compared to the inside of the electric cabinet. If this is not consistently the case, cooling or air-conditioning units must be used.

Even if an electrical cabinet often looks inconspicuous, its function is all the more important: it protects and maintains the function of the "brain" (the control) of a machine or plant. If the control system becomes dirty or moisture penetrates it, for example, this can lead to failure or malfunction of the system and thus to major damage.

An electric cabinet is often a sheet metal enclosure, as this is advantageous in terms of stability, flexibility, impact resistance, earthing possibility, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and resistance to UV radiation. A sheet metal swich cabinet can be used in a wide temperature range. It has good heat-conducting properties.

Thanks to a well thought-out design in conjunction with matching accessories, an electronic cabinet facilitates the assembly of the control unit.

Some criteria for an Electrical Enclosure:

  • Interchangeable door hinge
  • Possibility of simple earthing on enclosure, door and mounting plate
  • Large enclosure opening, thus more usable space with the same enclosure size
  • Door with perforated profiles for quick attachment of cable ducts, cable harnesses, covers, built-in devices
  • Reliable sealing due to captive foamed-in gaskets on the doors and flange plates
  • Large door opening angle
  • Multi-edged protective channel prevents water and dirt from entering when the door is opened
  • Flange plates made of sheet steel or alternatively pre-embossed plastic flange plates
  • EMC-compliant, galvanised mounting plate in the electrical cabinet
  • Sturdy housing and stable doors
  • heavy-duty metal hinges on the doors
  • suitable fastening options depending on the intended use
  • Durable corrosion protection and attractive appearance thanks to high-quality pre-treatment and powder coating of the cabinet


Lippert Schaltschraenke manufactures electric cabinets exactly according to your requirements, both as series and as special electrical cabinets.

The range of standard electrical enclosures extends to:

  • Wall-mounted enclosure LW, a compact enclosure
  • Baying cabinets LA
  • Terminal Boxes LK
  • Consoles LP
  • 19-inch enclosure LE

If a special enclosure is advantageous or necessary: In addition to the series programme, Lippert's particular strength lies in manufacturing customised enclosures. With these, you are free in terms of shape, colour, functions and size. Due to the flexible production, other sizes in millimetre increments are possible. With a multi-layer process in powder coating, you get a switch box for outdoor installation. Likewise, powder priming for later painting is possible. Breakouts, drill holes and gills are already created before powder coating for corrosion protection reasons.
An electric cabinet with a viewing window, whether made of glass or Plexiglas, is also feasible. Choose from a wide range of options for closures, hinges and accessories. On request, installation parts such as cable ducts, top-hat rails, filter fans, air-conditioning units etc. can be pre-assembled. Bulkhead plates can be welded in for stable separation in the electrical enclosure. Individual adaptations are possible with all kinds of weld-on and weld-in parts, e.g. for fastening purposes. If required, measures for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) can be implemented. You need more space: link the switch boxes to form an electric cabinet system. You have completely different requirements: Test the flexibility!

The Lippert company has been manufacturing electrical cabinets of outstanding quality for more than 50 years. This has led to extensive know-how. This ensures that your requirements are met innovatively and reliably with the highest level of competence.

Electric cabinet in series or special design: Please contact the company Lippert Schaltschraenke!

Anton Lippert GmbH in Dillingen offers you a very wide range of electrical cabinets and electric cabinet production.

This includes, among other things, the production of customised enclosures:

  • CNC punching/nibbling, with the production of gills, beading, pull-throughs, thread forming and engraving.
  • CNC laser cutting
  • Drilling
  • Stud welding, screws, glue and rivets
  • Spot welding with point pliers and Spot welding machines
  • various Gas-shielded welding process, automated for electric cabinet production
  • Sealing foams
  • Powder coating
  • Assembly or Assembly

Quality assurance is supported by a quality management system.

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