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Press release: Advantages of customised enclosures

Due to the growing demands in industrial automation, the requirements for control cabinets are becoming more and more specialised. Therefore, customer requirements cannot be realised exclusively with standard enclosures. Customised solutions offer many advantages. For this reason, the enclosure manufacturer Lippert produces both standard and customised control cabinet enclosures.

The growing demands in industrial automation led to the requirements for control cabinets becoming more and more complex. As a result, it was no longer possible to implement every customer request with standard enclosures. Often, individual adaptations had to be made to the enclosures at great expense in terms of time and money.

This prompted the control cabinet manufacturer Lippert to produce not only standard but also customised control cabinet enclosures. In most cases, customised special solutions are linked to high-priced modifications. However, customised solutions do not necessarily have to be expensive. It can be stated here that standard enclosures with subsequent machining are usually more cost-intensive than customised enclosures when all costs are considered.

A customised control box offers the user considerable advantages over a standard solution: The enclosures are precisely adapted to the customer's specific requirements. By eliminating the need for subsequent machining, the control system builder can concentrate on his core competence. He receives ready-to-install switchboxes, if desired already with pre-assembled accessories. With its independent design, the control cabinet stands out from the crowd and adapts well to the design of the surroundings. The available space can be ideally used thanks to individual dimensions. Functionality is enhanced by weld-on and weld-in parts, mounting options, bulkhead bases or ventilation gills. Precise cut-outs, drill holes, viewing windows and much more can be added to the enclosures before powder coating. This also results in high-quality corrosion protection in the machined areas. In the case of subsequent processing, e.g. by punching or laser cutting, otherwise unprotected bare spots remain. It offers the customer a high added value if the enclosure is already coated in the company or machine colour. In addition, the resistance of the powder coating can be adapted to the requirements of the place of use, e.g. the outdoor area. With customised switch boxes, there is also no uncertainty due to the subsequent machining that would otherwise be required. Both the completion date and the total costs can be planned from the outset. This gives the customer a competitive advantage.

The goal of the manufacturer Lippert Schaltschränke is: The exactly fitting enclosure for every customer. For this purpose, the company has an extensive and modern machine park that enables various manufacturing processes. This means that there are virtually no limits to the possibilities in individual enclosure construction. This is supported by employees with many years of experience and flexibility. At you will find a comprehensive range of different designs and sizes: Wall-mounted enclosures or compact enclosures, terminal boxes, console enclosures, baying enclosures and 19-inch enclosures. Individual enclosures are planned and customised by the company in close cooperation with the customer.

Company portrait:
Anton Lippert GmbH is an innovative family business in Bavaria with its headquarters in Dillingen an der Donau. The company was founded in 1962 and has been producing enclosures for industry in series and special designs since 1970. On a production area of 7,500 sqm and with 60 employees, system control cabinets in various designs and sizes are manufactured from powder-coated sheet metal.

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