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Electrical Enclosures

Made of powder-coated sheet steel or stainless steel.

We have been producing electrical enclosures of the best quality and with a high degree of protection for more than 50 years. These are both series electrical enclosures as well as special electrical enclosures made of sheet metal.

With many years of experience and motivated employees, we are your competent contact for control cabinets. Even if you find that you need a customised special housing offers more advantages, you will find a flexible and reliable partner in us. We can respond specifically to your wishes because we design and manufacture in-house. Together with you, we develop electrical enclosures that are optimally suited to your task. Of course, we do not lose sight of economic aspects.

Production takes place on modern CNC-controlled machines. After sheet metal processing, the enclosures are cleaned in a multi-stage automatic pre-treatment system, phosphated and rinsed with fully demineralised water. This is the basis for high corrosion protection and excellent adhesion. This is followed by electrostatic powder coating and stoving. Finally, the enclosures are assembled, packed and delivered. The enclosures we produce are extremely stable and visually attractive. Of course, we also supply the required accessories or install them immediately on request. You receive the complete service from us, from the first discussion to the on-time delivery of the electrical enclosures.

The electrical enclosures we produce are used in the electrical and electronics sector, in information technology, in machine and plant construction, in lift and crane construction and in renewable energy systems. Control systems of all kinds are protected by the enclosures we supply, whether by a wall-mounted enclosure, i.e. a compact control cabinet, a baying cabinet, terminal box, console, 19 inch housing or by complete control cabinet systems. More than 50,000 switching cabinets manufactured per year are the basis of our extensive wealth of experience.

Electrical enclosures in standard or customised design: Ask us!

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