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What is a wall-mounted enclosure?

One type of electrical cabinets is a wall-mounted enclosure. Wall-mount enclosures or compact enclosures are enclosures that are mounted on the wall, on systems or on machines. By attaching a special mounting option, wall-mounted enclosures can also be used with pole mounting. Wall-mount enclosures are very widespread as a type of enclosure because they accommodate medium-sized control systems and can usually still be transported without a crane or forklift. Compact enclosures or wall-mounted enclosures cover the size range between terminal boxes and floor-standing enclosures. A high enclosure protection class guarantees the user and the enclosure components inside good protection against environmental influences. The entry of water and dirt when opening the door in a suitably designed compact enclosure is prevented by the double embossed frame. A frame of this design on an enclosure is also called a rain gutter.

When designing wall-mount enclosures, the space requirements of the control system should be taken into account, also taking into account potential expansion requirements and the waste heat generated. Dimensional conditions resulting from the environment must be taken into account. Individual dimensions such as width, height or depth of the compact control enclosure often result from the mounting or installation situation. Large clear openings of a compact enclosure have advantages when mounting the interior. It must be clarified what loads the enclosure will be exposed to in use. These can be high installation weights inside the enclosure as well as on the door of the enclosure. Stable compact control cabinets made of sheet metal can withstand this permanently.
The surfaces of sheet steel enclosures are protected against corrosion by a powder coating and are given an attractive finish. The user can choose between different colours for the compact control cabinet. The standard colour is RAL 7035 light grey. However, many other colours are also possible. In terms of the surface structure of the wall-mounted enclosure, the user can choose between smooth and various types of structure. A textured surface, however, makes the compact enclosure less sensitive to scratches. In addition to individualisation via the colour, there is also the question of whether a standard wall-mount enclosure or, in comparison, a custom enclosure is more suitable and economical.

Manufacturer of wall-mount enclosures and compact-enclosures

The company Lippert offers its customers a free choice from a diverse wall-mounted enclosure standard range (Wall-mounted Enclosure LW) and the Special enclosure construction exactly as desired.

Wall-mount enclosures in special production are individually made to measure. Compact enclosures can be provided with holes and cut-outs prior to powder coating, thus maintaining optimum corrosion protection in these areas as well. Control cabinet viewing windows are just as feasible as weld-on and weld-in parts. Partitions with bulkhead shelves in the compact enclosure are possible and, of course, the equipment with a wide range of accessories. Powder coating of the compact enclosures in the customer's corporate or machine colour eliminates the need for subsequent repainting. The above points are only a small selection of the very extensive customisation options of the compact enclosures. This means that the customer no longer needs to worry about further deadlines, transport, costs and risks.

Wall-mounted enclosure in series and Special wall-mounted enclosures made to measure:
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Anton Lippert GmbH in Dillingen offers you a very wide range of electrical cabinets and electric cabinet production.

This includes, among other things, the production of customised enclosures:

  • CNC punching/nibbling, with the production of gills, beading, pull-throughs, thread forming and engraving.
  • CNC laser cutting
  • Drilling
  • Stud welding, screws, glue and rivets
  • Spot welding with point pliers and Spot welding machines
  • various Gas-shielded welding process, automated for electric cabinet production
  • Sealing foams
  • Powder coating
  • Assembly or Assembly

Quality assurance is supported by a quality management system.

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