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Air Conditioning / Universal Accessories

wdt_ID Photo Designation Item no. Product
17 Swivel frame 600-xx
18 Compressor cooling unit E 900-1040-xxx
19 Filter fan 900-1010-xx
20 Outlet filter 900-1020-xx
21 Semiconductor heating B70 900-1060-xx
22 Semiconductor fan heater H165 900-1065-xx
23 Small thermostat 900-1070-x
24 Energy saving lamp L146 900-2000-xx
25 Energy saving lamp L302 900-2001-00
26 Control cabinet light B150 900-2050-xx

We deliver or install for your Electrical Enclosures also:

  • Various locks (3 mm, 5 mm, swivelling lever lock, padlock, various handles)
  • Carrying handles
  • Earthing conductor sets
  • Stop supports (flap stops)
  • Control cabinet hygrostats (control elements based on measured humidity)
  • Apparatus or top-hat rails

This listing contains only a part of the available accessories. Some of the listed accessories are also available in other versions or other performance levels. In addition to these universal accessories, you will find specific accessories with the LA and LW enclosure types. Please ask us if you require further accessories!


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