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Our industry wiki about sheet metal processing, laser cutting, powder coating and much more.

Electrical Enclosure Manufacturer

Lippert has been a control cabinet manufacturer for more than 50 years. Lippert manufactures 50,000 sheet metal enclosures per year. Modern production facilities, extensive experience, a sophisticated production process and a high degree of

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Electrical Cabinet Manufacturer

As a switch cabinet manufacturer, Lippert Schaltschränke specialises in the production of switch cabinet enclosures. This includes standard enclosures on the one hand, but also special customised enclosures on the other.

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What is an electrical enclosure?

The term control cabinet enclosure is used for a more precise differentiation from a control cabinet, which is already equipped with the complete inner workings. A control cabinet enclosure is therefore the empty

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What are switch cabinets?

Control cabinets contain controls and/or distributions. These are mostly electrical, but pneumatic or hydraulic controls or combinations of these are also possible. Control cabinets facilitate the

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