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Sealing foams

Free application of foamed PU seals.

We offer you the Application of foamed PU seals on your parts as a service. These may be components made of metal as well as plastic. With our CNC-controlled equipment, we can produce customised contours according to your specifications.

Gasket foaming" is the direct application of a two-component polyurethane foam system to a part. A dimensionally stable seal is formed in a very short time. The direct application of a seal saves the assembly effort and eliminates the need to stock a wide variety of seals and the frequently required mould construction.

The seals produced in this way are used to dampen noise, seal air, dust or moisture ingress in a wide variety of products and industries.

Seal dimensions: min. W 4 x H 2 mm, max. W 21 x H 9 mm
Max. Machining dimensions of the system: 1,250 x 2,000 mm

Advantages of liquid-applied or foamed gaskets:

Product examples

We are also happy to apply seals to your parts.

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